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"Bootiful" Microservices with Spring Cloud


ssj Server Side Java

Room 2 - Schibsted

Monday at 14:20 - 15:20

Spring Boot makes building applications and services as easy as can be, but what happens when you start introducing many services, as is common in a microservice-centric world. Many big-web sites like Twitter, Google, Amazon and Netflix have all had to answer these questions, often at great expense. Some, like Netflix, have open-sourced some of their work.

Netflix, by the way, is a huge user of Spring Boot, and we've learned a lot about their use-cases building cloud-native and microservice centric systems.

Spring Cloud is a set of Spring Boot extensions that wrap and adapt important parts of Netflix OSS's components that support key concepts for building microservices: service registration and discovery (with Eureka), reliability patterns (with Hystrix), client-side routing patterns (with Ribbon), etc. Spring Cloud also fills in gaps for things like distributed and journaled configuration.

In this talk, we'll look at how it all stitches together to make building cloud-native and microservice centric systems a breeze!

Josh Long Josh Long

Josh Long is the Spring Developer Advocate ( on the Spring team at Pivotal.