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Software developer, architect, scrum master with 10+ experience in various businesses. Currently works as a tech lead in NetworkedAssets. Values clean code and software craftsmanship principles, big fan of high quality modern agile approaches to software development (TDD, DDD, CQRS, ES, CD, CA, etc.).

Active member of professional communities. Author of lectures and workshops about Agile/Scrum, software architecture, Java/Spring and web apps presented in local communities (JUG), universities, Polish IT conferences and local IT companies. Strives to be better and to learn every single day.


archisec Architecture & Security

Clean Architecture - how to improve your system architecture


Did you ever consider where to put business logic and how to organize it in a clean, re-usable way? How much logic should be in REST controllers, how much in DB related objects? What about validation? What about frameworks, how to make them loosely coupled and easily replaceable if needed? And is it at all OK to do that kind of up-front thinking/designing if you are doing TDD and agile?

In this talk you'll learn the core principles of the Clean Architecture, how Uncle Bob defines it and why he thinks it is an old but forgotten concept. We won't stop here. No theory or nice diagrams without live examples, we'll get our hands dirty by looking at code, examples and testability. What's more, some real Clean Architecture project experience will be shared and we'll see what the real benefits and cost were.