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Bernd Zuther has a degree in computer science and has been working as programmer and consultant since 2008. He is working at codecentric AG. Bernd has well-grounded knowledge in areas like Big Data, Continuous Delivery and agile software architectures. Furthermore he has solid experience in implementing highly available online shops.


archisec Architecture & Security

Microservices and Conversion Hunting - How to build software architectures for changeableness


Software architectures are changing. In order to gain validated learning, reduce risk and uncertainty while developing new products one has to bring each increment into production. Only information gathered from behaviour of real users with each increment ensures that you build the right thing in the end. In this session you'll learn how you can stop building monolithic systems and start designing software based on microservices - each having its own lifecycle and being an independent deployment unit. You'll get a pretty good feeling about how to manage such distributed applications in production successfully as well. We'll use an online shop application based on microservices to discuss topics like deployment and operational questions like monitoring and logging.