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Clément Delafargue is an indepedendent consultant. A graduate from École Centrale de Nantes, he has been developing web projects since 2002. He can work both on frontend and backend, with various technologies (Javascript (on both frontend and backend), Ruby, Java, Scala). He is particularly interested in Functional Programming.


lang JVM Languages

Functional patterns for scala beginners


Scala, by being both Functional and Object-Oriented is easy to get started with, especially for java developpers. However, to get the most of the language, you have to embrace its functional nature.

In this session, I'll show you how to start using scala's functional nature by presenting patterns originated in the functional world:

  • Algebraic Data Types for data modelling
  • Typeclasses for extensible abstractions
  • Error handling in a composable fashion with Either and Validation
  • Segregation between logic and effects for easier testing
  • Property based testing
archisec Architecture & Security

Tips and tricks for clean relational db schemas


It can be usual for software developers to let the ORM take care of the database schema. In many cases it's a bad idea as it makes the data stored in your database brittle and hard to use confidently. I'll show a few tricks which will help you cleanly store and query data by using your database engine to its full power.