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From Deutsche Post E-Post Development GmbH

I am a Software engineer who cares about the quality of the products which I help building. My definition of quality spans from writing clean code and meaningful tests to maintainability and how the software behaves in its natural habitat, i.e. not in my IDE but in production. When not building backend components of distributed systems or APIs, I care about my family, martial arts and medieval archery. I am enthusiastic about polyglot programming, DevOps and Science Fiction. I work for Deutsche Post E-Post Development as a software engineer building public facing APIs.

Blog: http://www.epost.de

methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Debugging your Legacy


Distributed Systems have always provided ample opportunity for the ambitious software engineer to find thrilling challenges. The advent of the recent trend towards micro- or nano-services and decomposition of monolithic architectures presents these fine opportunities to all of us who develop enterprise software for a living.

In this talk, I present how we at DP E-Post Development use scientific and engineering principles as our torch in our quest for performance in the Dungeon of Legacy...

methodevops Methodology & DevOps

What Can We Really Learn from Martial Arts?


As software geeks we live in a culture which displays a certain affinity towards terminology of martial arts. Particularly Japanese Martial Arts seem to offer a certain fascination. We execute Katas, attend Dojos, and perform Randoris.

Are these terms even accurate? Can we maybe learn more from the world of martial arts?

In this talk I will present the experiences I have made during two decades of learning and teaching different martial arts and explore how they might apply to learning, teaching and the practice of software development.