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Mr. Grzegorz Krumpholz, Vice President of Software Development, is a senior leader of organizations and initiatives of varying size and scope recognized for adapting to rapidly changing environment and resolving issues to ensure bottom line success. He Possess in-depth practical knowledge of software production processes (Agile, Scrum, XP, RUP, Waterfall). Mr. Krumpholz is experienced in building and maintaining the software products lines for multiple customers (support, delivery and requirements gathering).. Mr. Krumpholz has 17 years of experience in professional IT industry assignments and is a graduate in Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Cracow University of Technology, Krakow Poland


methodevops Methodology & DevOps

My running shoes - Continuous Delivery


A short story on how to start running. Continuous Delivery challenges and implementation in practice. GK will talk about the continuous delivery in practice. The presentation will cover challenges with implementations, principals to make it successful and practical tips and observations. This presentation will provide observations how to get to the production ready code every iteration with the special focus on creating sustainable framework to make it happen. GK will cover aspects like interactions organizations, test automation, deployment practices and effective feedback loops.