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Jouni works currently as the product manager for Vaadin Components, an open source set of high quality Web Components. He’s been at Vaadin for 9 years, and has been working mainly on the visuals, theming and front-end of the Vaadin framework, as well as designing and implementing interfaces in various customer projects. Jouni has over 16 years of experience from web technologies, but he’s still eager to learn all the new things that the web developer community comes up with, and he wants to make it easier to build visually rich and performant apps using web technologies!


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Web Components in the land of the JavaScript Frameworks


Web Components promise to bring much needed encapsulation and organization for web application development. But how do they fit in with all the frameworks out there?

Building on top of the great Polymer library, Vaadin is creating a set of high quality web components for anyone to use. Let’s look at how you can actually use one of them with some popular web frameworks (such as AngularJS, React or GWT), and what kind of issues you need to watch out for if you’re considering to jump on the web components bandwagon.