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Jurgen Appelo calls himself a creative networker. But sometimes he's a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or… Dutch guy.

Since 2008 Jurgen writes a popular blog at www.noop.nl, covering the creative economy, agile management, and personal development. He is the author of the book Management 3.0, which describes the role of the manager in agile organizations. And he wrote the little book How to Change the World, which describes a supermodel for change management.

Jurgen is CEO of the business network Happy Melly, and co-founder of the Agile Lean Europe network and the Stoos Network.

Blog: http://www.jurgenappelo.com/

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methodevops Methodology & DevOps

A #Workout workshop

Hand's on Labs

A #Workout workshop has you working out some answers to shared questions with other people looking to improve their approach to management. These common questions include:

  • How can we motivate our workers?
  • How can we change the organization’s culture?
  • How can we change the mindset of managers?
  • How can we get teams to take responsibility?
  • How can we improve teamwork and team collaboration?
  • How can we can managers to trust their teams?
  • How can we develop people’s competencies?
  • How can we be agile when the organization is not?

Each workshop is tailored for time and audience. Depending on available time, you can expect some (but not all) of the following topics:

  • employee engagement (Personal Maps)
  • performance management (Metrics Ecosystem and OKRs)
  • team collaboration and experimentation (Celebration Grids)
  • rewards and recognition (Kudo Box)
  • extrinsic motivation vs. intrinsic motivation (Moving Motivators)
  • delegation (Delegation Boards)
  • compensation plans (Salary Formula and Merit Money)