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From SBB

Lukasz is a Software Developer at the SBB in Bern, Switzerland.

In the past he worked on several projects in distinct software houses and sectors in Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

In free time he is an Open Source passionate and frequent hackatons / hackergartens organizer and participant. He strongly believes in Test Driven Development and conducts continuous trainings in this topic for fellow developers.

As a private person Lukasz is married, plays (badly) guitar and hikes in the alps.

His motto is: “The only failure is not to try” (but he often asks himself “Why am I doing this to me” :-)

methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Babun - a Windows shell you will love, finally!


The truth is really brutal. Whether we like it or not, most of us develop software using the Windows OS. Corporate policies, etc. we all know that story. How can we survive it? How to be as productive as on a Linux/Mac machine without spending hours on tweaking the Windows Registry or hacking some Visual Basic scripts?

In this session we will have a quick look at the babun project - a Windows console you will love from the very first second. It features oh-my-zsh, package-manager, programming tools and much more.

Babun has been downloaded by 50K developers in the first months and rocks the Windows world ever since. Interested? Come by and befriend your Windows (however bad it sounds)...