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Has been a software professional for more than 11 years. Passionate about learning from experience especially when dealing with real-life software projects. As a trainer and consultant works with top teams on technical leadership, process agility and clean code. Co-conducts in-depth researches on critical success factors in software development. At top of that Mariusz has published dozens of articles in Software Developer Journal and Polish “The Programist” magazine. His motto is “In most cases it’s all about people” what drives his focus towards communication and team members cooperation. Domain experience: Telco, Finances, Insurance, Manufacturing, E-commerce.


methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Technical leadership – from an expert to a leader


You are not a born leader. You haven't been prepared to be one but you were chosen to be. And then everything changed. Now you should be a good communicator, negotiator, mediator, facilitator, motivator. You have heard that you should be a servant leader, should prefer collaboration over contract negotiation, people over processes but … you think: "What the heck should I exactly be doing?". If you ask yourself questions like: • Can I learn how to be a leader? • Should I still be a technical guru? • How to combine technical and non-technical tasks? • What not to do being a lider? this talk is for you.