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Martin Skurla
Martin Skurla

From Barclays

● Open Source committer (Gephi, NetBeans, Abego Tree Layout, AST visualizer, Project Tyrus) ● Technical reviewer (CPress, Grada, Manning) ● Community/Conference/JUG speaker (GeeCON TDD, GeeCON Prague, CZJUG, Fosdem, Barclays) ● JCP member for JSR 353 ● SCJP 6, OCPWCD 5 ● Work experience: Barclays, Atlassian, Celum, ESET, Sors Technology

java Java SE

You don’t run unit tests concurrently. Do you?


  • The surprising reason of introducing test concurrency in our project (not performance)
  • Test concurrency granularities
  • Handling test concurrency step by step
  • Dealing with non-threadsafe codebase