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Mike Croft is a Support Engineer at Payara & Expert Support Consultant at C2B2 Consulting. Mike has extensive experience in working directly with customers and their middleware, specialising in Java EE application servers. Mike loves community focused software and will ask anyone who will listen to contribute to Payara on Github.

Mike is happiest when he's outside; running, climbing trees, climbing mountains, snowboarding back down mountains, or just spending a worrying amount of time on puzzle games. He no longer spends as much time on Freecell after giving himself repetitive strain injury when he should have been writing his dissertation.

Blog: http://www.payara.co.uk/blog

ssj Server Side Java

Hands-on Performance Tuning

Hand's on Labs

This hands on lab will present a number of applications which have been built to include some common significant performance bottlenecks. Attendees will be able to work through the applications using a variety of free and open source tooling to get practical experience of identifying and resolving the bottlenecks. The techniques required will be covered at the start of the labs, and the exercises will give hands-on experience of using the various tools and techniques. Attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss any performance problems they may have in their own applications, and which techniques may be best applied to help them identify and resolve these problems.