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Ron is an entrepreneur and a software development consultant, with long history developing performance and safety critical software, leading development groups, training application and platform developers, and helping companies in the process of board bring-ups, design and execution of embedded systems products, security best practices and product start-up. He specializes in all aspects of distributed systems and Android internals, and is the designer and original developer of the first Android Remote Display Protocol, as the Founder and CTO of Nubo, the first Remote Android Workspace for the Enterprise. He is a lecturer at Afeka's college of Engineering, where he has developed and taught the first ever academic Android Internals course


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Android ROM Cooking Tutorial

Hand's on Labs

In this tutorial, you will have a hands-on journey of customizing and building Android right off the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). We will begin with introducing the concepts of ROM cooking for any Android compatible device and build system, and we we will then walk-through the build system of the AOSP. You will learn what Android is made of, how to build a bullet speed Android emulator, and how to build a minimal, fully operational Android configuration that will run on a virtual machine using the following components: Vanilla Android KitKat, Vanilla Linux Kernel, and a working QEMU. You will step out of the classroom with the ability to follow the exact steps made in the tutorial to jump-start building your own Android system for any Virtual Machine - and with the tools and knowledge to build it for any custom device!