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Tomasz Kopacz (Microsoft) Tomasz Kopacz is working with IT architects and developers and discuss with them, how to build a good applications and how to choose among many software artifacts to in order to address a specific problem. Expert in cloud computing and .NET Enterprise programming. Helping also in team & project organization (correct tools, methodology etc.). Deals also with "technology and the user" in a software project, with strong focus on UI organization and correct communication with backend services. Frequent speaker on many conferences – from architectural to highly technical topics.

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cloud Cloud & BigData

BigData on Azure for architects – Machine Learning, HDInsight (Hadoop), Event Hub – what to use when (and – how)


How to choose the right tool for the quickest solution to the problem. Overview what is possible and (a little bit) what is hard to do (right now). Keywords: Hive, Pig, event processing, stream analytics, massive HPC style computation, data analysis, noSQL, Expect: slides & many demos, technical architecture discussion with some code samples