BDL-6940 Meet Bluemix and build your apps in minutes | Devoxx

Meet Bluemix and build your apps in minutes

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Room 6

Thursday at 09:00 - 12:30

Bluemix is a flexible PaaS for rapid application development. Developers can choose to use Cloud Foundry based runtime with tons of services or newly added IBM Containers based on Docker or Vitrtual Machines. Bluemix DevOps Services is a set of development tools that allow to create projects and teams, maintain code and control continues integration. This is a very cool technology that will help turn ideas into real business in minutes.

Szymon Brandys Szymon Brandys

I am interested in open source projects and standards. For years I have been working as a technical lead at the Eclipse Platform Workspace and a committer in Eclipse Orion. Now I am one of tech leads working on Bluemix and Bluemix DevOps Services in IBM.