DKZ-4887 Deep dive into Reactive Java | Devoxx

Deep dive into Reactive Java


lang JVM Languages

Room 4A - Metrosoft

Wednesday at 10:30 - 11:30

RxJava is prominent amongst only few options for doing reactive streams in Java. It is different than JDK Streams and CompletableFuture and, while this presentation will cover the differences, it seems to be the best option for coordination asynchronous tasks using simple and powerful api.

In this presentation we will not theorise but open up code editor and take a deep dive into code using RxJava.

First we will write simple application that consumes firehose of tweets directly from Twitter. You will learn how to filter, map and throttle them. Then we will look how asynchronous http client emits events into the stream. After this introduction we will write JavaFx based windowed app for posting tweets with asynchronous autocompletion of @mentions and downloading of profile pictures.

I hope this will be fun and at the end of the presentation we will have a working application.

Tomasz Kowalczewski Tomasz Kowalczewski

For more than five years I was working on a distributed airline system that processed thousands of transactions per second. Now I work at Codewise focusing on real time big data processing backend powering our SaaS for online marketers. Interested in high volume and low latency services I also help with implementation of microservices in our company. Out of this work comes my quest for more adequate tools, frameworks and libraries that do not break under just moderate load requiring lots of investment in basic infrastructure code.