FWM-6020 User Acceptance Testing - Looking for the Holly Grail | Devoxx

User Acceptance Testing - Looking for the Holly Grail


methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Room 3 - NoFluffJobs

Wednesday at 10:30 - 11:30

Why we should care about UAT? Why it's important not only for customer and testers but developers too? What issues can we encounter in UAT? Requirements, use cases, test cases, test plans, defects, traceability, tests repository - how to make all these working? How often do you improve your test management processes? I'm going to share my thoughts from playing with UAT design and continuous improvement of test management in area of UAT. I will guide you through the different approaches to UAT we used searching for the perfect solution. Is there any solution or whether the search is more important than the goal? That's the question i will try to answer.

Bogusław Osuch Bogusław Osuch

On daily basis responsible for maintaining entropy by managing IT teams, keeping customers smile, mentoring and developing engineers for last 5 years. Building experience cooperating with companies ranging from start-ups to corporations running not only IT businesses helping them to improve internal software development processes mainly spreading knowledge about JIRA. Pragmatist, developer from heart infatuated in designing of algorithms, interested in psychology and people development.