HCT-4518 From spaghetti with no src/test to green CI, good coverage and well-sleeping developers | Devoxx

From spaghetti with no src/test to green CI, good coverage and well-sleeping developers


ssj Server Side Java

Room 4B - Payara

Monday at 14:20 - 15:20

Yes, we did it! Over a year ago we met a monster - a legacy Spring MVC application with 50% code duplication, no tests, manual deployment and mysterious error reporting. Come and see yourself how blood, sweat and tears have then turned into a well-tested REST API, pleasant to use and develop.

After a year we have an interactive API documentation, informative call statuses and error messages. We precisely track every request through its entire lifecycle. Together with version tracking on multiple nodes, this lets us spot any errors really quickly.

Plus, we reduced the boilerplate needed to achieve all of this to a single annotation for each API call - with the help of AspectJ, MDC, custom filters, converters and more. Obviously, we also introduced src/test/groovy, full of Spock and rest-assured - which made our application “the most rigid part of the infrastructure”, as per our customer.

Come to hear our story, share yours and let us know if we could do better!

Jacek Kunicki Jacek Kunicki

Jacek Kunicki is a full stack software engineer and one of the numeorus CEOs at SoftwareMill - a great remote workplace with no bosses. He contributes to some open source projects (Spring Boot, swagger2raml, Codebrag) and, apart from programming, plays a lot with hardware (Arduino and others). Jacek hates boilerplate and loves automation of everything, so that he has less to do.

Michał Matłoka Michał Matłoka

Michał Matłoka is a Java developer with experience in both Java EE and Spring technologies. He is an open source contrubutor, and a winner of the JBoss Community Recognition Award in 2013 for his contributions to ShrinkWrap. Michał is also a co-author of recently published book "Java EE 7 Development with WildFly". Michał is currently one of the 30 CEOs at SoftwareMill, a fully distributed company with no main office and a completely flat organization structure.