NAH-0819 HTTP/2 : why upgrading the web? | Devoxx

HTTP/2 : why upgrading the web?


web Web & HTML5

Room 4B - Payara

Tuesday at 15:10 - 16:10

HTTP is the protocol who rules the WEB. 20 years old, the version 2, major upgrade is now cooked and nearly ready to be used by real peoples. So, how new the new HTTP version is? What is the new features added to the protocol? Is it great to used? Does it will be used or be the next ipv6 like giant internet migration? Overview of HTTP2 and why it's great.

Quentin ADAM Quentin ADAM

Quentin ADAM is the CEO of Clever Cloud : a Platform as a Service company allowing you to run java, scala, ruby, node.js, php, python or go applications, with auto scaling and auto healing features. This position allow him to study lots of applications, code, practice, and extract some talks and advises. Regular speaker at various tech conference, he’s focused to help developers to deliver quickly and happily good applications.