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Principles Of Microservices


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Monday at 11:00 - 12:00

Microservces are small services with independent lifecycles that work together. There is an underlying tension in that definition - how independent can you be when you have to be part of a whole? I've spent much of the last couple of years trying to understand how to find the right balance, and in this talk/tutorial I'll be presenting the core seven principles that I think represent what makes microservices tick. After a brief introduction of what microservices are and why they are important, we'll spend the bulk of the time looking at the principles themselves: * Modelled Around Business Domain * Culture Of Automation * Hide Implementation Details * Decentralize All The Things! * Deploy Independently * Isolate Failure * Highly Observable In terms of learning outcomes, I'd say that beginners will get a sense of what microservices are and what makes different, whereas more experienced practitioners will get an insight into practical advice into how to implement them.

Sam Newman Sam Newman

I've been working at ThoughtWorks for over a decade. I split my time between consulting for clients, speaking at conferences and helping build our own internal systems.

I wrote "Building Microservices", which was published by O'Reilly at the beginning of 2015.