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WebVR - democracy in Virtual Reality


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Room 2 - Schibsted

Tuesday at 15:10 - 16:10

Virtual reality has already become a major trend in interactive marketing campaigns (see: O2 Wear The Rose, Experience 5GUM, Nissan Juke: Chase The Thrill). Technology used to deliver these is mostly not portable and cross­platform enough making the installations available for minorities only. As VR devices such as Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR are becoming more easily accessible every month, this tendency is no longer acceptable. Democracy must stand and there is but one solution to create impact - ­web! The lecture is to present how various JavaScript APIs (WebGL, WebAudio, WebRTC, Sensor API) can be combined in order to create immersive experiences and bring the mobile-­first web into a completely new dimension. It is also to show how MozVR and VR­-enabled Chrome builds are making WebVR a reality. It’s about making VR devices not only a more complex user interface but also a real tool to unleash completely new VR-­enabled content. Because at the end of the day, it’s you People who really matter. The presentation will include live "Vincent Morisset's WAY TO GO" experience available to lucky volunteers.

Marcin Lichwała Marcin Lichwała

Technical Leader in Le Polish Bureau, Polish department of interactive production agency UNIT9. Co­author of multiple interactive web campaigns for big brands such as Google, Disney, Nissan, HP or Nestle, well ­recognized and awarded by The FWA and Awwwards. Values aesthetics and minimalism in anything he does -­ perceives complex solutions at least skeptically. Truly believes that nothing is impossible and the most valuable skill is making proper choices. Combats status quo in web on a daily basis as life is too short for stagnation. Enthusiast of abstract humor and tasteful design both digital and more analog. After hours, he loves exploring the world using all the senses ­ for him - traveling and good cuisine should always go in pair.