TBJ-2769 Electronics Fundamentals for Dummies (Arduino included) | Devoxx

Electronics Fundamentals for Dummies (Arduino included)

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Room 4

Thursday at 13:30 - 17:00

The workshop aims to teach how the basic electronic components and circuits work. It covers a voltage divider with a photoresistor, a DYI capacity meter with an RC circuit, and, optionally, switch debouncing and a bipolar transistor.

This is more than yet another Arduino introduction, as you are going to learn something about the electronic components as well.

Basic programming skills are recommended so that we can focus on the hardware part.

Jacek Kunicki Jacek Kunicki

Jacek Kunicki is a full stack software engineer and one of the numeorus CEOs at SoftwareMill - a great remote workplace with no bosses. He contributes to some open source projects (Spring Boot, swagger2raml, Codebrag) and, apart from programming, plays a lot with hardware (Arduino and others). Jacek hates boilerplate and loves automation of everything, so that he has less to do.