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Nashorn, what is the whole buzz about


archisec Architecture & Security

Room 2 - Schibsted

Monday at 18:30 - 19:00

Project Nashorn - a small addition to the Java 8, that allows to run efficiently run JavaScript on JVM. Many has scratched their head why the heck it's being announced as a big thing for Java. During the course of this talk, I'll try to convince everyone in the room that Nashorn is not only academic toy to play after (work) hours with something. It's a powerful tool with many usages, we'll see couple of 'em.

Whole thing is going to be from Java developer perspective, however non Java speaking folks, should also be able to benefit, especially if you know only Node and want to go beyond. On the same note, it's not another Nashorn vs Node talk! It's all about Nashorn, and each example we'll check out is focused only on it and unique platform features.

Michal Gruca Michal Gruca

Seasoned Java developer, Team Leader and Solution Architect. In human language I’m: writing and reviewing code, saving world with vim via ssh around Saturday midnight, deciding about technology used in the project and filling a communication gap between client and developers. After over 7 year-long adventure with Java, still passionate about the platform, even after having romance with Excel and Outlook. Pragmatist at heart and propagator of Agile approach to building software. Tricity JUG leader, conference speaker and blogger (recently on holidays)