VNK-8382 Designing software with security in mind? | Devoxx

Designing software with security in mind?


archisec Architecture & Security

Room 4A - Metrosoft

Tuesday at 13:50 - 14:50

How does cyclomatic complexity, defensive code constructs, and generic data types relate to security issues? Why is it that injection flaws and cross site scripting still rank in the top of OWASP top 10 despite a decade of "awareness"? Why isn't security a natural part of how we measure quality? In this talk, I will address this by showing how the use of good design principles, Domain Driven Security, and different mindset helps one to avoid mistakes that lead to security weaknesses.

Daniel Deogun Daniel Deogun

Daniel Deogun is a senior consultant at Omegapoint in Stockholm. His extensive experience ranges from patient critical pacemaker software to high performant reactive systems. Daniel is very passionate about high quality software and was an early adopter of TDD, BDD, and DDD. Combining this with his interest in security has made him a strong advocate of Domain Driven Security.