ZQK-5992 Why software developers should care about deployment and monitoring | Devoxx

Why software developers should care about deployment and monitoring


methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Room 3 - NoFluffJobs

Tuesday at 09:00 - 10:00

Many software developers shy away from issues related to deployment and monitoring of their applications. This is unfortunate because software quality does not end with coding. In fact, ensuring that the application runs in a stable and performant manner once deployed, is crucial to making the end user happy. Knowing what is going on inside the running system requires instrumentation in code as well as external tools for gathering and analyzing data. Good monitoring can save developers a lot of stress and in this talk I want to show some of the libraries and tools which help in achieving this goal.

Michał Kosmulski Michał Kosmulski

Michał Kosmulski is a software engineer working at Allegro, the largest e-commerce site in Poland, where he develops applications for the financial department. Prior to that he worked on internet and enterprise search engines, including the first Polish news search engine. He is interested in building high-performance applications regardless of whether it means going reactive or working close to the metal. Good practices combined with common sense are what he considers the key to building reliable, high quality software. Michał sometimes blogs at http://allegrotech.io/authors/michal.kosmulski/