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Filip Grzadkowski

From Google

Filip has worked on Google infrastructure for the last 4 years. His main area of expertise is cluster management - from scheduling and optimizing utilization, through high level architecture to "automating everything". Recently involved in Kubernetes - open source cluster management stack branded by Google.

Filip earned master degree in computer science from the Warsaw University.

cloud Cloud & BigData

Hands-on with Kubernetes, an open source cluster scheduler for containers

Hand's on Labs

Join us for a hands-on walkthrough of deploying and managing applications using Google's Kubernetes ( We'll deploy a simple application built with several different containers, and walk through how Kubernetes services allow containers to talk to each other over the network. Then we'll scale it up, give new versions a small percentage of traffic, and then do rolling upgrades of all containers to new versions.

We'll show you how to create Pods, ReplicationControllers and Services and walk you through how you can build visualizations and dashboards using labels and selectors