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Marek Grabowski
Marek Grabowski

From Google Inc.

Marek is a Software Engineer in Google working on Kubernetes project, where he focuses mainly on agent software and machine controller.

Marek hold MSc in both Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Warsaw.

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Hands-on with Kubernetes, an open source cluster scheduler for containers

Hand's on Labs

Join us for a hands-on walkthrough of deploying and managing applications using Google's Kubernetes ( We'll deploy a simple application built with several different containers, and walk through how Kubernetes services allow containers to talk to each other over the network. Then we'll scale it up, give new versions a small percentage of traffic, and then do rolling upgrades of all containers to new versions.

We'll show you how to create Pods, ReplicationControllers and Services and walk you through how you can build visualizations and dashboards using labels and selectors

cloud Cloud & BigData

From Docker To Kubernetes: A Developer's Guide To Containers


Everyone is talking about Containers, but mostly in the context of how they work and not why and when they are useful or how to apply them to your own often complex and unique Use Cases. We'll start by looking at how Docker works by manually creating a simple guestbook application using Docker Containers running Redis and PHP. We'll then use the same application to show how you can use Kubernetes and Google Container Engine to create a cluster of nodes, declare to that cluster what you expect it to do, and then have the cluster assign resources as needed, run your work, recover from failures.