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Koen is has a long track record working on the JBoss Tools project. He currently is responsible for the Eclipse integration of both the JBoss Forge project and the Hibernate Tools projects. Before that he was responsible for the Eclipse support and the different workflow editors of the jBPM project. Koen graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Belgian Royal Military Academy and obtained an additional Master's Degree in Information Technology at the Brussels Free University. Before joining JBoss and Red Hat, he worked respectively in the IT department of the Belgian Army and as a software consultant. Koen is a regular speaker at public events and conferences.

Blog: http://koentsje.blogspot.com

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IDE Wizard? CLI Command? Get both for the price of one!


Have you ever struggled with adding a wizard to an IDE? Have you ever created a development tool and thought, "It's a shame I’ll have to re-write the same code for my new IDE wizard.”? Have you ever found yourself switching between an IDE and the command-line because the best tool for the job is never in both places? If your answer to any of these questions was "YES!", then this is for YOU! In this session we will show how JBoss Forge allows you to use plain Java and CDI to create a new tool that, without any additional effort, shows up as a wizard in your your favorite IDE and that, at the same time, can be used as a CLI command. After attending, attendees will be able to increase their productivity substantially by creating new JBoss Forge commands for tedious jobs and using them in the environment of their choice.