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I enjoy helping businesses reach their goals by offering advice & technical coaching.

As president of the ConFoo Web Techo Conference and the PHP Quebec user group, I work to increase software quality, promote web development best practices and encourage the local developers to network.

I am co-authoring a book en titled “10 Warning Signs in IT Projects”. I also speaks at international conferences, to educate programmers and managers on how to detect and prevent project failure.

You can find out more about project rescue tips on my - Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/ylarrivee - Blog: http://ylarrivee.com - Company website: http://foolab.ca

Blog: http://www.ylarrivee.com

methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Vagrant up your enviroment


It’s Friday 3pm. Your boss comes to you and asks you to set up a development environment for the new employee that arrives on Monday.

On another day, you have a sudden traffic spike and need to add a new server. Now you have to carefully follow a procedure without forgetting a step.

Sounds familiar?

In this presentation, Yann Larrivée will show you how Vagrant and Puppet can dramatically reduce the time needed to accomplish these tasks ans reduce the number of mistakes.