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Vagrant up your enviroment


methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Room 4B - Payara

Tuesday at 13:50 - 14:50

It’s Friday 3pm. Your boss comes to you and asks you to set up a development environment for the new employee that arrives on Monday.

On another day, you have a sudden traffic spike and need to add a new server. Now you have to carefully follow a procedure without forgetting a step.

Sounds familiar?

In this presentation, Yann Larrivée will show you how Vagrant and Puppet can dramatically reduce the time needed to accomplish these tasks ans reduce the number of mistakes.

Yann Larrivée Yann Larrivée

I enjoy helping businesses reach their goals by offering advice & technical coaching.

As president of the ConFoo Web Techo Conference and the PHP Quebec user group, I work to increase software quality, promote web development best practices and encourage the local developers to network.

I am co-authoring a book en titled “10 Warning Signs in IT Projects”. I also speaks at international conferences, to educate programmers and managers on how to detect and prevent project failure.

You can find out more about project rescue tips on my - Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/ylarrivee - Blog: http://ylarrivee.com - Company website: http://foolab.ca